Lady Malina

Hello, my name is Malina.

As a rookie reenactor not happy with what I got from modern seamstress I decided to make my own dress. Little did I know that I was making a career choice. With every piece of garb I have made and every piece of information I have laid my hands on I was getting more and more passionate about medieval fashion, and fashion in general. Soon became the authenticity officer for my group. But that's ancient history :)

I have co-founded SPES Medieval Market but as the passion grew I have also acquired taste for independence. Out of that mix Lady Malina was born. In this, my very own, project I hope to unleash my creativity and focus on new challenges.

I have cooperated with many groups and institutions but my favourite way to work is with an individual client. I tend to maniacally view the sources in search for new and interesting stuff. I am totally in love with 14th century and have an intense love affair with 15th century, but there is not a moment in the history of fashion that doesn't interest me at least a tiny bit. Never said no to an interesting project, though sometimes it can take a lot of time and means. And always patience ;)

I invite you to take a look at my website.

Lady Malina